Solemnity of the Assumption of the blessed Mary.


At the end of Mary’s earthly life, God did not allow her stainless body to know corruption. She was taken body and soul into heaven. As God’s favorite daughter she cooperated God in the salvation mystery. Mary, the second Eve, represented humanity in the second chance obedience for life, merited by the second Adam. What humanity lost through the disobedience of the first Adam and the first Eve was restored through the obedience of the second Adam and second Eve. 


Mary’s body was fashioned specially for this all important collaboration. She was immaculately conceived in the womb of Anne (her mother), and through God’s grace strove and remain stainless. Her own body conceived the sinless God-Man. Christ borrowed His sacred body from Mary with all the DNA components intact.  She was not only a simple amiable mother, she was also an amazing believer and a fervent disciple of Christ. 


As a widow, after the death of her only son, the beloved apostle, John, adopted her as his own mother in accord with the last Will of Christ. Mary was with the apostles on the Pentecost day. She was taken care of by the apostles and she also contributed in enriching the sacred tradition, which was handed on to the Church, of today.


After an examplar  life of witnessing to her unmatchable  faith, Mary slept in peace, and God rewarded her by allowing the angels to take her uncorrupt body into heaven such that the special body that bored, nursed, but also professed the God-Man will not know corruption. 


Join me therefore in prayers as we celebrate this unique favor to a mother without comparison. Mary assumed into heaven pray for us.


On this solemn day, 19 years ago, I answered my priestly call. Ever since the grace of God has increasingly been abundant everyday of my life through the powerful intercession of my mother, Mary. Come let’s celebrate under the cloak of our adorable mother, the faithful example of humanity.

Happy Anniversary Rev. Fr Dr. Levi Uchechukwu Nkwocha .

Strive and live longer in God’s vineyard


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