Saudia Shuler, a Philadelphia woman known for throwing extravagant parties has been charged with fraud. Last year, she threw her son a prom party last year for the cool price of $25,000. The party, which was Dubai-themed and even had a camel in attendance, made headlines.

Now, Shuler, a 44-year-old restaurant owner , is being charged with Social Security fraud.

Shuler has been charged with six counts of wire fraud, one count of theft of government funds, and two counts of Social Security fraud, according to CBS Philly.

According to the indictment, Shuler, who says she is a cancer survivor, applied for benefits from the Social Security Administration, stating that she was disabled and unable to work. The benefits were approved, but Shuler allegedly continued to work and to run her restaurant. According to prosecutors, Shuler failed to report the income to Social Security.

Shuler is well-known in her community for giving back. She hires teens as employees for her restaurant to keep them out of trouble and buys clothing for children in need. Last December, the mother also turned her block into the North Pole and gave away hundreds of gifts to children.

Should Shuler be convicted, she could face a maximum sentence of 140 years in jail, and she’ll have to repay the government full restitution of $36,785.67.


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