According to some  facebook users, Emmanuel Philip seem to be jobless the way he has calculated and explained the controversial Love between the two Big Brother house mates, Gedoni and Khafi . Some people actually reasoned with him.


Can we talk about these two? I think people have wrongly criticized them (MYSELF INCLUDED). So I’ll like to let us know the truth about them.👇

👉 GEDONI and KHAFI were never close until the first eviction Sunday.

GEDONI and KHAFI were brought up for eviction alongside ISLOMO & AVALA. They were taken to the arena and asked to play a game that would decide their safety of eviction from the house after just a week.

At the end ISLOMO and AVALA got evicted while KHAFI and GEDONI were safe.

👉 Looking at it, only that could turn two people into coincidental couples. It’s just like being in a vehicle, plane or boat that crashed and everyone else died apart from you. And boom another soul emerges from nowhere, making it two survivors.

👉When things like that happen. You find out that the survivors are always left to be alone. While a search is being conducted. Now that period is a time when you’d wanna know that person the more. It will become obvious that (just like you), he/she has something special, something that keeps them miles ahead of others that lost their lives.

👉This brings me to the realization and agreement that #BIGGIE is the master of this game. He’s the one playing the game.

Ask yourself –



👉Don’t you think #Biggie was trying to make the first pairing of the house?💯💯💯💯 Remember him advising Mercy to talk to IKE about what she expects from him? Remember trying his best to see a #FRODD_ESTHER_SHIP  sail??

👉Don’t you think Biggie is playing this game? Don’t you think he remains the master of the game? Now you know😃😃😃

👉In the absence of what to do, what do think they discussing?

What discussion do you think they must’ve been having for almost 2hrs?.

👉Let’s Understand this – KHAFI is an American (by mentality). You can see that everything about her is American, apart from her body texture. Even those annoying things she does (like showing off and always being on the mirror) is American. To her she sees those things as just normal way of living and enjoying the moment.

👉You know how the whites fall in love. They read meaning into everything. So surviving with GEDONI had definitely made her feel it was #GODSPLAN. They whites can trade anything for love – INCLUDING THEIR OWN LIVES. They believe that love can be found anywhere, anytime, anyhow and with or in anyone 💯💯💯💯

👉 And there’s no doubt GEDONI felt the same way. He locked his hands to KHAFI’s from the moment they went back into the house. He was always having KHAFI in his arms the whole of that night. They ate and did everything together that night. And that was how we had the #GEDONIS✅☑️✅☑️✅

👉Ever since then, KHAFI has never hidden the fact that she loves GEDONI. She’s told us, she’s told Biggie. She’s told EBUKA. She’s told her fellow housemates

👉 GEDONI has also made it clear that he loves her, though he’s not always as direct as KHAFI.

👉It happens that GEDONI had an ex in the house – #KIMOPRAH, whom he dated for 6months at #UNIPORT💯💯

KHAFI didn’t know about this until the next eviction day which saw #KIMOPRAH & #ELLA (the two ladies I’m missing till date) evicted. GEDONI weeped so bitterly that night. And that was where we started doubting GEDONI’s commitment and love towards KHAFI.

👉What followed was the #KNOW_YOUR_LYRCS_CHALLENGE. Which included telling of stories to your partner. It was that day she opened up to GEDONI that she at times feels insecure and unsure of his love. That was the day she told GEDONI (us) how she gave her life to Christ (becoming a Christian) and had stayed for 8yrs without sex. She also mentioned the #Kim’s issue to him. She asked him if he was using her to get #KIMOPRAH jealous. That’s what every good and sincere woman should do.

👉That was also the say DIANE opened up to NELSON that she really likes him (we aren’t talking about  hem though)

👉Then GEDONI gave her assurance. Told her he loves her and wasn’t using her to hurt #KIM. Told her she needs not to worry. And not too long from then. They were already giving us funny moans. Making we (the innocent ones) to start knowing what moaning means 😃😃😃

👉They did something for like 4 times in a month and it’s gotten most (if not all) of us pissed off. So I wanna let us know some of the things I think we’re not understanding.👇

👉 GEDONI is not fake.

👉 KHAFI always staying and hanging on GEDONI’s body doesn’t mean she’s an addict or can’t do without GEDONI❌❌❌

👉Sex (that’s if they’ve had any) means nothing to KHAFI. Because she has a mentality of an American. They see it as one of those indoor games between two people, they don’t even need those people to be couples. They just need them to be of opposite sex (unlike in my lovely Nigeria)😃😃😃

👉 GEDONI really loves KHAFI. But he regrets one thing 👇

The commitment. He regrets making that commitment. It got to an extent where anyone that wants to talk to GEDONI would have to take permission from KHAFI ✅✅

👉He sees it as a mistake and that’s what he’s trying to correct. It has caused him his freedom of expression in the house. He can’t get to know others in the house and he’s not happy about it.

👉 Unfortunately, KHAFI has lost focus on what brought her to the BIG BROTHER’s house – courtesy of beer love and affection for GEDONI. I feel for her, because just like FRODD, she is being honest and open.

👉 GEDONI has always told KHAFI that he’s here for himself. Admitting that love can be found, but he wants to make sure he doesn’t lose focus and that’s where we see it like he doesn’t like KHAFI.

👉 People are judging him on what he’s telling some male housemates. But when he told them of eating fruits to avoid being kissed by KHAFI. He didn’t mean that he was avoiding KHAFI. He only did it when he knows that they don’t need a distraction.

👉 GEDONI always reminds KHAFI of the reasons why she’s in the house when he thinks she’s deviating. And that’s one of the reasons why KHAFI doesn’t joke nor wanna trade GEDONI for anything.

👉VENITA had told her that GEDONI is very cute and that she’d have to share with her (VENITA).. though it was a joke, she felt so insecure and had to tell GEDONI

👉And then she started seeing GEDONI going very close to other female housemates, most especially the new ones. Just like every other woman – she got very jealous and angry. She was even complaining to everyone on Sunday.

👉There was never a break-up

👉 The whole of Sunday when they were somehow apart, you’d agree with me that even GEDONI appeared to be feeling it the more. He appeared to be more unhappy, disturbed and lonely.

👉 GEDONI was also telling Mercy that he really do love KHAFI and that nothing has changed. He went on to say that he doesn’t see a break-up between KHAFI and him. But that if it happens – HE WILL NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH ANOTHER WOMAN IN THE HOUSE.

👉I also noticed the pains all over him on Sunday. And then I remembered the saying that – YOU WILL NEVER KNOW THE VALUE OF SOMETHING UNTIL YOU LOSE IT✅☑️✅☑️✅☑️

👉 Last night while they were sorting things out. KHAFI told him she saw him with a female housemate in an awkward position. And he told KHAFI that she was supposed to come their and take him with her.

👉Stop criticising GEDONI. He’s toohere for the money. And not KHAFI. But now that KHAFI is in the picture, he’s trying his best so don’t kill him when he does a mistake. Don’t ask to get him evicted.

👉Some of us (guys) have deflowered a girl and left her for her best friend. Some of us have gone to make ourselves known to a girl’s parents, scared other men away and still left the girl stranded. GEDONI doesn’t know KHAFI from Adam. So if he leaves her, it’s nothing. The last time I checked the definition of KHAFI wasn’t #60m

👉Stop criticising KHAFI for loving GEDONI and making it known to him. Giving in her soul and body.

👉Some of us (ladies)  are doing more stupid, foolish, dirtier, shocking and unimaginable things for guys that have 0% feelings for us. Even for guys whom we know their girlfriends.

👉Stop criticising her for giving her body to GEDONI whom she just met in the #BBN house. What about you that saw your bestie’s boyfriend for the first time and because he’s cute, you’ve yourself into a sex toy for him?

What about you that is dating someone else’s husband and father?

👉 Please it’s not to get anyone angry. Just to bring our minds back to what we’ve suddenly forgotten – 👇👇👇👇








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