👉BIGGIE: What are some of the things you’ve done in big brother’s house that you regret doing?

👉 SEYI: Yes. I regret losing my temper during the first week and I regret getting too close to some people.


👉BIGGIE: Like????

👉 SEYI: Honestly, TACHA.


👉 BIGGIE: And why?

👉 SEYI: I think she’s begining to like me more than she should. I may not be right. But I know I’m right.


👉ME: Dear SEYI, you’re my favorite male housemate but you’re becoming more arrogant and proud. You’re becoming too direct, insulting and abusive.


👉First it was insulting and mocking Mercy’s family – a girl the so much likes and respects you.

👉Today you embarrassed Jackye. Made her look like a maid or outcast.

Is it because of the #HoH badge? #FRODD just dropped it man ✅✅✅


👉Why don’t you tell BIGGIE that you’re beginning to like TACHA more than you should?

👉Why must you make yourself seem big and TACHA small??

👉To the best of my knowledge you’re the one running after TACHA✅✅

👉I know the stress you passed through to get her talking to you and vibe with you in the secret room and now become your best friend.


👉I also believe that the only thing stopping you from proposing to TACHA is nothing but the prayers of that girl whom you’ve gotten engaged outside the house, you have very strong feelings for her. Yes she likes you but you love her, far more than the way she likes you.


  • 👉 I don’t wanna turn against you because I really like you, but you have to cut off this pride and unreasonable arrogance of yours.

Emmanuel Philip.

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